Corona Concepts has been working hard to improve our web site, but our strengths lie in manufacturing. Therefore, some areas of our site are yet to be completed.

Dealer Locator - This area will assist you in finding your local dealer of Corona Concepts products. This page is a little large, so please be patient while it loads

The Greenleaf Company Store - Can't find the dollhouse you want at your favorite store? Buy it factory direct from our Company Store! Greenleaf periodically releases products that are only available through our Company Store, so stop by often to see what's available!

Doll House Instructions - Download instructions for your doll house in Adobe Acrobat format. Not all houses are available, but it's a good start. Eventually, we plan on having all of our instruction sheets converted.

Greenleaf Miniature Community - A great place for info on all things miniature! Mini Swaps, Community Building Projects or contests, there is always something interesting going on at this award winning forum!

Doll House FAQ - Visit our list of frequently asked questions for everything from "what our kits contain" to "the best paint to use on your miniature mansion".


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